Tuesday, February 22, 2011

building castles out of matchsticks - i think your a software program by buildingcastles

Building castles out of matchsticks - most cold, november... by buildingcastles

"moonlight candy fire" - goodnight, perfect - by building castles out of matchsticks by buildingcastles

a few tunes from goodnight, perfect.

goodnight, perfect!

after many months in the making goodnight, perfect is in its final stages.

this will be a limited edition, handmade release, with two possible covers,
i couldnt make up my mind and narrow it down to one.
(inserts, search a word, connect the dot robot activity sheets included)

songs will be available either as a free online download, or through me if you want
a hard copy, cost will be only shipping.

ive decided not to sell this one, but let it loose on the winternet like a virus.

i will be posting some previews of tunes soon, or check out my soundcloud, some new ones can be found there


goodbye myspace, hello new blog

so myspace has been like the toughest site ever now to update etc, and to be honest i'm sick and tired of all the ads, the spam, and more.

so here i am, building a site on here.

not sure what this site does, but im gonna figure out how to post songs and photos, and of corse, lots of random words and bursts of emotions known as blogs.